Company introduction, Wireless Tsukamoto CO., LTD.
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Wireless Tsukamoto Co., Ltd. was established in 1st of April 1979 manufacturing 
CB Radio & Personal radios. 
Located near where the world famous F1 Car Racing takes place called 
'Suzuka Circuit' in Suzuka city. In the year 1996, the main 2 floored building was 
founded near it. 
And it is scheduled to be constructed to a 7 floored building which will be 
completed in December 2002.
From 1984, began to develop his products-Wireless goods, wireless transceiver 
and their software developments to sell his brands all places of Japan from 
Northern part to the Southern parts. From 1996, also started to develop
Cellular Repeaters, Security items and Ccd cameras.

Fuji Shoji Japan was established in 1996 July at the central part of Japan, Nagoya.
A place called Sakae which is also the center part of Nagoya.
Developing and manufacturing Wireless goods, Cellular Repeaters, 
Security items, Ccd cameras. 
Also took part in trading world wide. 
Its name began with Fuji Trading Enterprise which has been changed in 2001 October.

Tokai Telecom Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 December located in the central
part of Japan, Mie prefecture near where the city hall is.
Also developing and manufacturing Land Mobile Radios including their systems.

Wireless Tsukamoto Korea Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea branch) was established in 
2000 April. Developing and manufacturing Wireless goods, Cellular Repeaters, 
Security items, CCD cameras and Hands free kits.

Wireless Tsukamoto Co., Ltd. ShenZhen China Branch was established in 
2004 April trading Wireless goods, Cellular repeaters, Cellular Blocking Systems.

WTW Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 July, located at the central part of 
ShenZhen, China. 

WTW Co.,Ltd. also helping with Wireless Tsukamoto Co., Ltd. ShenZhen
China Branch doing business.
Main items are Wireless goods, Security Camera, Cellular repeaters & 
Cellular Blocking Systems.